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ACCESS Automotive

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COPARMEX British Chamber of Commerce Academia Mexicana de Derecho Energético ICC United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce North Cámara Mexicano-Alemana de Comercio e Industria Latin-American Oil & Gas Association

Welcome to ACCESS Automotive

Is a multidisciplinary corporate service shelter integrated by committed professionals that collaborate contributing knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive tailored solutions which facilitate the opening and operations of our clients in Mexico for the automotive industry, supply chain and dealership network.
The firm provides all kinds of essential services for every stage of a company’s life cycle: feasibility analysis, soft landing opening, operation, logistics, and attached services required for a successful corporate strategy.
Human resources
Consolidated services


To provide superior quality professional services by creating comprehensive and customized solutions to help our clients reach their goals in a timely manner, improve their operation and optimize their results, increasing their profitability through continuos quality efficient and effective services positioning them as leaders of their industries.









To become the leading firm in comprehensive tailor-made solutions in accordance with our client’s needs.



Confidentiality and responsibility handling and processing client’s information.


Class consulting and service in regards to legal and fiscal liabilities.


Expertise and high flexibility for optimal performance on client’s trade.


By hiring Access automotive, all consulting and advice in your matter are provided. Incorporation, implementation and development of your business are covered.

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Coordinates strategic allies

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Certification attainment

Resources and outsourcing employee management

Consolidated Services

Access to Mexico offers customized and comprehensive tailor - made services:
  • Certifications.
  • Consulting for individuals.
  • Company incorporation.
  • Real Estate rent or purchase/sell.
  • Corporate regularization.
  • Personnel recruitment and selection
  • Staff management.
  • Corporate audit.
  • Administrative and tax accounting services.
Immigration Assistance

In Access to Mexico, we understand that our clients look for people they can rely on in countries where they operate. Therefore, if they need to send staff to Mexico, we assist them with all necessary immigration procedures before the corresponding authorities to expedite their legal residence in Mexico.

Immigration Procedures
  • Visitor or temporary resident visa, including family unity visa.
  • Immigration document exchange.
  • Permanent resident application and renewal.
  • Change of visa type.
  • Permits for departures, returns and final departures or dismissals.
  • Immigration status regularization.
  • Liabilities notification.
  • Proof of employer’s registration and updates.
  • Mexican nationality by naturalization.
Procedures Before Government Entities
  • SAT registration (Mexican Tax Authority - IRS).
  • Tax regime definition.
  • FIEL, CIECF and RFC (taxpayer’s ID electronic codes).
  • Fiscal regularization situation.

Quality Policy

Team work is core for Access to Mexico to meet the market demands, learn and understands client’s needs by using our technology and specialist team, as the back office of your business, always with the best attitude of service as your business partner, guaranteeing ethics and responsibility of our human resources, continuously improving quality of our products and services, providing giving added value to your business.
Consulting for legal entities

Strategic Allies

We work with different business allies that assist us in providing customized services through strategic alliances in order to facilitate business or project management for our customers. Each member firm provides services in specific areas which are structured in accordance with Mexican laws and regulations to guarantee the quality of our services.


Grupo Accses provides tailored integral services on different areas:

  • Outsourcing employee management and payroll.
  • Human resources recruiting services and employee assessment.
  • Training.
  • Accounting consultancy Tax and Administrative.
  • Legal services.
  • Corporate audit.
  • Asset and property management.
  • Financial Consulting.
  • IT Consulting.


A national certification and verification Organization (International Certification Services Worldwide Recognition) whose team founded the first agency with full international recognition (official certification) in Mexico. With more than 22 years of experience, it enhances services with the highest level of expertise in terms of quality, environment, health/safety and gender equality at work in more than 36 industries.

Committed to the encouragement and promotion of a culture of quality, transparency and legality for both public and private institutions helping them to adopt tools, attain knowledge and best practices under international standards, which allow them to cope effectively with the great challenges of productivity and competitiveness in today’s global business world.

  • Quality management system certification (ISO 9001: 2008).
  • Environmental management systems certification (ISO 14001: 2004).
  • Health and Safety at work schemes management Certification (NMX-SAST-001: 2008).

  • Services within the framework of the Certification of Systems management are:
    • Certification audit (including document evaluation stages, preparatory visit and certification audit. The completion of this audit allows certification to be issued.
    • Monitoring/maintenance audit (at least once a year to ensure it continues to meet standards and the SGC certificate is being improved). During these audits or scope amendment, procedures can be added for expansion purposes upon the reach of the certification.
    • Transfer Audit (Contemplated when Calmecac retakes certification of an organization with current certification from another organism and issues a new certificate with the same features without completely re-starting the certification process).
    • Renewal audit (undertaken upon third year in order to issue a new certificate and extend validation).

  • Gender equality Certification (NMX-R-025-SCFI-2012. For labor equality between men and women).
  • Social Responsibility Certification (ISO 26000: 2010).
  • Food Safety Certification (ISO 22000: 2005).
  • Information security certification (ISO 27000: 2013).
  • Franchise license certification.
  • STAR’S & DIAMOND'S Certification. (Classification certification for lodging establishments).


SEDEGRAL is a private security firm with license to carry firearms and human resources and optimum materials for their performance. Also has manufacturing and distribution of products and vehicles to protect the lives of both private and public individuals.

The specialization of the company is to offer internal and external physical security, people and facilities, has high trained operating personnel with military experience, and deep expertise in hazard analysis systems and critical control points. Its members provide technical advisory services to various private entities, highlighting the financial security of its clients.

It has the following certifications:

  • Certification to the NIJ (National Institute of Justice). Ballistic testing laboratory accredited by NIJ.
  • Certification of ISO 9000:2008.
  • Trademark registration before the IMPI.
  • Liability insurance policy.


An Institute that aims to support people, sectors and regions of scarce resources, indigenous communities and vulnerable groups, nonpartisan, through legal assistance, representation before administrative or judicial authorities (except for election ones), and through basic and applied areas of legal research. Innovajure is oriented towards the solution of national, international, regional and local problems of our country managing to link scientific research with common-interest sectors, both Social and Private, disseminating knowledge, investigation results and related work by developing three principal axes:

Restorative Justice within everybody’s grasp, online laboratory; and systematic and uninterrupted update of the Legal Doctrine.

The Association is listed on the Registro Nacional de Instituciones y Empresas Científicas (National Register of Scientific and Technological Institutions, USA) from CONACYT (Mexico) and is authorized by the Secretaria de Hacienda y Crédito Público, SHCP (Secretariat of finance and Public Credit, Mexico). It is certified external trainer under Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social standards, (Secretariat of labor and social welfare, Mexico).


Universidad en Ciencias de la calidad, UNICICAL (Quality science University, Mexico) is an institution that offers:

Diagnosis and Organizational Assessment, Diagnosis and Personnel Assessment, Tech - support (Diagnostics, Engineering, Design, Training and Operation) and Personal Achievement-Skills Assessment. We have the experience of over 20 years in training of personnel in various areas of quality.

We spread the culture of quality across workshops, courses, conferences and diplomas targeting professional degrees.

The level reached by the attendants in both on-site and online programs allows additional and specialized training for professionals in the field, enabling them to apply the Quality Management Systems regulations on national and international Standards within private and governmental organizations; for instance: Fundamentals and vocabulary for a QMS ISO 9000, Quality Management System/Requirements ISO 9001, Environmental ISO 14000, Safety and Health Management Systems in OSHAS 18001, Food Management System ISO 22000, Social Responsibility Guide ISO 26000, Safety Management Systems, information and Privacy ISO 27000, Policies for Professional gender equality between Men and Women NMX-R-025-SCFI-2012, STAR'S & DIAMOND'S support program upon tourism and branches platform.


A group of leading companies in several logistics divisions of logistics that understands and meets your needs with inclusive solutions by air, sea, road or intermodal, supported by over 65 years of experience.

Strategically located at main Customs and Ports in Mexico; a distribution center with the latest technology to solve logistical needs of their goods, located in the most important border between the United States and México Laredo Texas. Located in the heart of Mexico, a unique distribution center lies on San Luis Potosi state, operates under fiscal regulations compliance so client’s can afterward store or distribute their raw material or manufactured products to their customers.

Taking advantage of broad experience, innovation, technology, and strategic alliances throughout international markets to deliver solutions that always exceed our client’s expectations.

  • Transit shipments process management meant for internal customs of the country.
  • Fulfillment of the intermodal customs extension clearance service in all terminals.
  • Custom clearance of goods.
  • Streamlined and effective procedures.


RE/MAX is a respected, recognized and outstanding company with over 40 years of proficiency in real estate services in Mexico and all over the world. RE/MAX has developed as an important information source for real estate, financial and media institutions. Many private and corporate groups trust RE/MAX because of the high volume of customers and buildings they serve, founding its services on qualities such as professionalism, experience and honesty.

  • Property Trading and Leasing.
  • Continuous consulting in real estate matters.


A high-qualified system of professionals, experts in the business, legal issues, mediation and valuation technique, under a personal attention scheme that offers innovative and competitive results and solutions through comprehensive, consolidated and up-to-date services, considering account risk management potential and cost-benefit analysis; always allowing the customer to make the best choice in each case according to the alternatives that are more appropriate for the client’s needs.

  • General consulting in Automotive field, Corporate Finance (Regulated and Unregulated Entities), Foreign Investment. Regulations for International Business.
  • M&A, Corporate law (Corporate Governance) - Contractual.
  • Intellectual Property.
  • Commercial tendering.
  • Economic Competition.
  • Audits, Legal Policy & Procedures.
  • Consultancy & application strategies. Commercial-Administrative law, Both local and Federal level.
  • Corporate business consulting in agreement with American law, Notary procedures, implementation of foreign resolutions and arbitral Awards Mexico-US-Mexico as well as a bond with corporate lawyers and litigants in the United States.
  • Valuation Services
    • Audits warranty either value risk players among others.
    • Other opinions audited, private appraisers, mediation services via alternative means of dispute resolution.
    • Specialized Appraisal: VAI Appraisal, on-track Business, Intangibles, Machinery, Agricultural.
  • Risk management.


With more than 20 years of experience, the original field of practice was focused on criminal matters, the area where they achieved its international prestige. However, because of its continuous growth and proficiency of its members, the firm’s area of practice has grown to include federal, tax, financial, and economic crimes in general, also crimes against equity, the ones committed by government employees, Law Enforcement, oil and gas theft, freedom and normal psychosexual development, life and bodily integrity, political impeachment, just to mention a few areas.

Derived from the automotive boom in Mexico, they provide consulting in all legal areas involving this industry, such as trade, customs, labor matters, among others.

Additionally, in recent years the firm has expanded its legal practice to international matters, which include protection of human rights and international extraditions; these have lead their attorneys to represent clients in various countries worldwide including Spain, Canada, United States, Israel, Australia, and Colombia.

Aside from its permanent office in Mexico City, the firm can provide legal services all over the country. As members of the Inter American Bar Association, Rivero Saenz attorneys constantly engage in training and updating themselves upon new laws and regulations.

Expertise and high flexibility for optimal performance on client’s trade.

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